Detox Soups


With the winters around we must keep our self warm and detoxed!!

Bringing you Detox Soup Menu this Saturday🍜

What will you Learn?

  1. Mushroom Soup 🍄
  2. Hot n Sour Soup 🌶
  3. Tomato Pepper Soup 🍅
  4. Bottle Gourd Soup🍲
  5. Crunchy Veggi Soup 🥙
  6. Pumpkin Ginger Soup 🎃
  7. Broccoli Potato Soup 🥦
  8. Sweet Potato Soup 🍠
  9. Pea Carrot Soup🥕


Health Benefits

❇️ Good for Weight Loss Diet Plan
❇️ No Corn-flour
❇️ No added preservatives


1. Written PDF Notes
2. Recording after Live Class
3. After Class Support

Offer Valid for Limited Period ‼️



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